I love you but…..

I do have very strong feelings for you but the problem is we are worlds apart I am here your there and it just makes everything complicated and you have a girlfriend so I think you should focus on her first I don’t think its good for you to have feelings for me when you have a girlfriend I know that you have very strong feelings for me too but i think we should just take a step back and look at it from someone elses point of view it would just seem like i am the rebound girl and you the dishonest boyfriend I love you even words can’t further explain how i feel for you because i feel that just saying i love you isnt enough to express my feelings but the truth is i dont know how…..focus on your relationship and dont think about me….


Hi Mr.E

   I keep hearing aboutg this Telesa Trilogy and am very interested about what the book is about my parents don’t know what it is and so I am asking if you have the books and would let me read thats if you’d let me read them please because people are posting about it on facebook and even you on tumblr….I was wonering if youd let me read……


Whats wrong with me? Maybe I just need counseling or somthing or just someone to understand me I don’t know if I can take any more of this BULLSHIT!!!!!!! I need some personal advice please advise me because I really need it of only NEI !!!!! Where here she might be able to understand me……. I so feel like killing myself…….

Mo0d: sUiCiDaL. :(…..

MR. RIGHT is so hard to find in a place filled wit MR. WRONGS MUAH!!!!!

Tired of Bull

What do get from a broken ass relaitionship man its so frustrating to think about all dis freakin bull shxt its so tiring to have to wait up all night for you just to call me well yes I am sayin it I wait up all night waitin for sumone who I know can’t handle mah love OMG move on is what I teo mahself all the time bu tit never seems to work because i really LOVE YOU don’t you understand that I express how I feel in so many ways but it doesn’t seem to mean an thing its so tirin and I just think of diein already. You don’t care about what I think you only thinknof yourself FUCK YOu I hate you YOU Fucking ASSHOLE…….FUCK YOu!!!!


well mah life right now is so hectic its just plain stupid I don’t know y but it is high school is so boring and its just full of problems and other hectic thing it just makes mah head wan to blow up I can’t take it any more cause i have had enough of it….

Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.

I love my mom.

I am risking nothing

not riskin anythin

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whoa something really big is gonna happen next week but I don’t know what it is I just get the feeling that it isn’t good just be prepared people to face the punishment for what ever we did good or bad


well I would be done for the day but then I would be over my head well nuthin much to say or really anythin to do cuz well I have A BUNCH OF HOMEWORK….oh boi am i stressed out there are alot of things that are going on pls sum one help me I feel like mah head is about to explode